Beyond the Pidgins


Beyond the Pidgins

Serge Nguelou Ngouffo

Beyond the Pidgins is a filmic project of Serge Nguelou Ngouffo which so far stayed incompleted. Ngouffo wants to offer insight into the role that Pidgin English plays as a common language for young people in Sub-Saharan-Africa, with Cameroon cited as an example. Pidgin English as language, as poetry and musical lyrics has the potential to cross the linguistic boundaries of the former colonial languages of French and English, which for example divide Cameroon and set up social hierarchies. Even being an old West African trade language and also being linked to colonialism and slavery, Pidgin English today seems to open a space for a new imagination of border crossing identity and identification for a whole generation. The use of Pidgin English as a Lingua franca could also have the impact of social peace in complex structured countries, as for example Cameroon. (N.E.)

Because of the actuality of the subject, we give you access to some of the non edited raw footage of the project, shot by Serge Nguelou Ngouffo in 2014.


1. On Pidgin English in Cameroon
Interview with the Linguist and Phonologist Dr. Gratien Atindogbe, University of Buea/Cameroon, conducted by Serge Nguelou Ngouffo in 2014.