BILINBIPE NDJAMAN – The Germans’ Baggage


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Bilinbipe Ndjaman – The Germans’ Baggage
A research by Justine Gaga and Elsa M’bala in Ndikinimeki, Cameroon, 2013


It’s for where?
Going through Yaoundé it’s easier.
I’m telling you, you know you’re my mother
How am I lying to you?
Get in. Get in.
No, she wants the personal transport
We’ll have to leave her
Put my bag up there
This is the taxi, driver ?!
Oh don’t bug me get in over there
Through Bafang or Bangante?
It’s the same thing, hey, tell me, do you doubt me?
“Dance music from west Cameroon coming from a cell phone”
Please, I work here, sit down at the back
Cakes, cakes, 500 a packet!
Grilled peanuts, grilled peanuts!
Pineapple, pineapple, sweeter than honey, only 100 francs!
Bitter cola, bitter cola !?
Sticks, sticks, manioc sticks!
“Dance music from west Cameroon coming from a cell phone”


The Box

I forgot that you were like many,
Full of hope, full of greed.
On a quest,
Always searching.
For whom or what, the traces remain uncertain.
Like everyone, I wanted to sense them, touch them, explore,
Penetrate to their very core.

In front of empty rooms
I took a picture
With intent to capture your heyday.
In their eyes
I saw you brought to life.

We endlessly ran through brush and stone,
Eluding our death,
To the point of exhaustion.
I remained unsure
Because of these fragmented truths.
The forest listened quietly
And watched us,
Mystified and diligent,
For it alone knew the truth.

Against shiny water we stood,
Your secrets engulfed, many meters deep below,
Hardly any strength for disappointment,
The return was still manageable.
The old bricks remained just as taciturn,
What remains are stories that become realities
And give rise to ideologies.



The car for Makenene???
It’s over there
Aiiyiiyiiee up to three mouna more
Nice sticks of manioc, 500 for four packets!
Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts!
Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple a hundred francs a pineapple!
Only through Bafoussam
Come this way
They belittle you without knowing you
What’s more a woman?!
“West Cameroon music coming from a cell phone”
Life is nothing!
Weeeh, even if he had land, cars and women
It all stays with the earth
Driver, you said you would leave us in Mbandjoun, didn’t you!?
Bafoussam is better
He has destroyed a man’s only joy, his football
For Ndikiniméki
“Afro-American dance music coming from the roof of the bus”



Interview with Mrs. Oubilitek, municipal assistant in Ndikinimeki: “African tradition is very oral, based on what people say, today we are trying to archive this orality by writings… German vestiges can be found in villages called Malagne and Ndogban.”

Interview with a hunter about the river: “Small but deep… Right now we know that the Germans are over there… Everyone knows that’s where the whites threw their things. Anyone who’s already been over there, even really good fishermen, you can’t even put a hook down over there, ever. You can’t give that particular name for nothing—bilinbipe djaman – the Germans’ Baggage. What is for certain is that there are things inside.”
Special thanks to the family Oubilitek, especially Madame Oubilitek, for Prince Membe Bernabé and Princess Membe Marthe and all the young men in Ndikiniméki who made this research possible

Justine Gaga
Elsa M’bala

(English by Simon Pleasance and Dawn Michelle d’Atri)

Original Version / Version originale

Bilinbipe Ndjaman – Les valises des Allemands
Une recherche de Justine Gaga et Elsa M’bala à Ndikinimeki, Cameroun, 2013


C’est pour ou?
passant par Yaoundé c’est plus facile
Moi je te dis, tu know que tu es ma mère
Je te ment comment?
Monte, monte
Non elle veut le personel
Faut la lep
Put my bag for dey
C’est le taxi ca, chauffeur?!
Ah ne derange pas monte la-bas
Par Bafang ou Bangante?
C’est la meme chose ah dis donc
Tu doutes?
“Musique dansante de l’ouest du Cameroun emanant d’un telephone portable”
S’il vous plait je travaille la, assied toi au fond
Gateaux, gateaux, 500 le paquet!
Arachides grillées, arachides grillées!
Ananas, ananas plus sucré que le miel, 100 francs seulement!
Bitter cola, bitter cola!?
Batons, batons, batons!
“Musique dansante de l’ouest du Cameroun emanant d’un telephone portable”


-Die Kiste-

Ich vergaß, du warst wie viele,
Voller Hoffnung, voller Gier.
Auf der Suche,
Immer auf der Suche.
Nach wem oder was, die Spuren blieben unklar.
Ich wollte, wie alle, sie erspüren, sie ertasten, erforschen,
In ihr Innerste eindringen.

Vor leerstehenden Räumen
Nahm ich ein Bild,
Das über deine Glanzzeit berichten sollte.
In ihren Augen
Sah ich dich zum Leben erweckt.

Wir liefen endlos durch Gestrüpp und Gestein,
An unserem Tod vorbei,
Bis ans Ende unseren Kräften.
Ungewiss blieb ich
Angesichts dieser fragmentierten Wahrheiten.
Der Wald lauschte still
Und beobachtete uns,
Verwirrt und sorgsam,
Denn er alleine kannte die eine Wahrheit.

Vor glänzenden Gewässern standen wir,
Deine Geheimnisse metertief darin versenkt,
Wenig Kraft für Enttäuschungen,
Die Rückkehr war noch zu bewältigen.
Die alten Ziegelsteine sind genauso schweigsam geblieben
Was uns bleibt sind Erzählungen, die zu Realitäten werden,
Aus denen Ideologien entstehen.


La voiture pour Makenene???
C’est par là
Ekiéee jusqu’a trois mouna en plus
Bon batons de manioc à 500 les 4 paquets!
Arachides, arachides, arachides!
Ananas, ananas, 100 franc l’ananas!
Seulement par Bafoussam
Pass for dey
On te minimise sans te maitriser
En plus une femme?!
“Musique d’écoute de l’ouest du Cameroun emanant d’un telephone portable”
La vie si n’est rien!
Wèeeh meme si il avait les terrains, les voitures et les femmes
Tout ca reste avec la terre
Chauffeur, tu as dit que tu allais nous laisser a Mbandjoun non?!
Bafoussam c’est mieux
Il a détruit la seule joie d’un homme, son football
Pour Ndikiniméki
“Musique dansante afro-americaine emanant du toit du bus de voyage”


Interview avec Madame Oubilitek, assistante municipale de Ndikinimeki: “L’africain est très orale, d’après ce qu’on dit, nous essayons aujourd’hui d’archiver cette oralité par des écrits… Les vestiges allemands se trouvent dans des villages qui s’appellent Malagne et Ndogban.”

Interview d’un chasseur concernant la rivière: “Petit mais profond… actuellement nous savons que les allemands c’est la-bàs… Tout le monde sait que c’est là ou les blancs on jetté leur cantine. Qui a deja étè la-bàs, meme les grands pecheurs, tu ne peux meme pas mettre l’hamecon la-bàs, jamais. le nom la on ne peut pas donner pour rien bilinbipe djaman – les valises des Allemands. Ce qui est sur c’est qu’il ya les choses dedant.”


Special thanks to the family Oubilitek, especially Madame Oubilitek, for Prince Membe Bernabé and Princess Membe Marthe and all the young men in Ndikiniméki who made this research possible

Justine Gaga
Elsa M’bala