AdanGo Salicia Zulu


AdanGo Salicia Zulu (b. 1988)

AdanGo Zulu from Gabon is a young singer, performer, and composer currently living in Douala. She is part oft the vibrant urban music scene in Cameroon and a member of the “HipHop développé” Collective. AdanGgo sings and raps in her soulful voice about everyday life in sub-Saharan Africa, using various languages such as Bassa, French, and Pidgin, as well as onomatopoeia, to convey a nonverbal poetic atmosphere of her condition, her wishes, her joys, and the rhythm of life. At present, the artist is working on her first solo album.
In the songs “MaloMalam” and “Owé Owé Owé Owé” she sings and raps with SadraK and Lady Bantu, supported by Dj KriSs and Dj Nils Monthe, about the Dance Floor of the New World and the spirit of togetherness.

Her contribution to

Owé Owé Owé Owé