Hervé Yamguen


Hervé Yamguen (b. 1971)

The Cameroon artist Hervé Yamguen lives and works in New Bell, Douala. His artistic practice is transdisciplinary; he is a poet, sculptor, painter, and performer. As a member of various art groups (Cercle Kapsiki, Marche des Arts Bali), Yamguen actively participates in self-organized art projects and social spaces of agency in his home country.
Since the 1990s he has been publishing editions and showing his artistic work in exhibitions and in public space. In 2014, his solo exhibition L’oiseau conteur at the Fondation Donwahi/Abidjan met with much acclaim.
For Yamguen, being an artist is a way of existing in the world and is closely associated with spirituality. His rich imagination makes cultural, personal, and social memory visible in his own artistic works.
Yamguen’s contribution Objects of cohabitation, a poem accompanied by elegant drawings, references the photographs of Cameroon taken by German photographers during the colonial period. With a radical, graphic shift in perspective, the artist succinctly describes the arrival of Western goods, which is related to the violent ideology of colonialization and its impact on society.

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