PLATINO (b. 1948)

The artistic path of Platino, who lives in Stuttgart, has been determined by “cultural capital” based on personal cultural conditioning by (post-)Nazi postwar society in Germany, which the artist breaks open through critical resistance. In 1979, with the long-term project Red Space 1, Platino initiated an artistic practice that opens up both aesthetic and political spaces of agency and activity between art and life and between private and public realms. For seven years the artist lived and worked in and around this publicly accessible exhibition and life space while continually transforming it. Using different hues of red, he started painting and coloring architectural elements of this space, including objects used in everyday life. The effects of the coloring fundamentally confound orientation and deconstruct perception that is aligned to providing an overview of reality. Instead, a sensory and communicative space is engendered, one that questions certainties and is immersed in an ongoing process of transformation.

His contribution to

Red Space 1
Space of Color – Interview to come