Simone Gilges



Simone Gilges (b. 1973)

Simone Gilges lives and works as a freelance photographer and artist in Berlin. She documents changes in the city and also portrays its music and artistic scene, often collaborating with other artists. Between 1995 and 2008, Sim Gil was a member of the artist group Honey-Suckle Company. Since 2003 she has been the editor and publisher of freier – a magazine for the mental state. A new edition compiling perspectives from Europe, America, and Africa is forthcoming. The mental state is a central theme of interest in Simone’s works, manifesting in the form of photography installations, sometimes combined with fabrics and objects of mixed materials. She is presently working on a portrait series of contemporary women in different cities and continents. Starting with her participation in City Songs (2012), a project by Astrid S. Klein in Douala 2012 in the frame of “Prêt à partager” by ifa e.V., the progress of exchanges about a better understanding of common history and future is going on. “My dear son“ is Simone’s comment regarding the upcoming generation and her hope to find better ways paths to a shared world.

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My Dear Son