Stone Karim Mohamad


Stone Karim Mohamad (b. 1987)

Stone Karim Mohamad is a poet, photographer, and also a well-known spoken-word artist in Cameroon. He splits his time between the towns of Yaoundé and Buea and was an artist-in-residence at KHaL!SHRINE.
“Poetry to me is therapeutic and also serves as a means of communication. I use poetry to convey imagery that I could enable the blind to see, whereas the photography I do has an emphasis on emotions. I use pictures to express what I don’t have enough words to describe, which I term ‘emography’ ”
Mohamad’s text and song “La frontière de doute”, is as a touching description of psychological doubt and the surmounting thereof, by thematizing the issue of border crossing. In his performative contribution (…), the artist experiments with new languages that convey meaning not by words and acoustic sound patterns, but by body language. He turns to the audience and speaks in a sign language that only hearing-impaired people can read and which that he wants to be felt with all the senses by those who cannot read it.

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