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Sylvie Arnaud

Sylvie Arnaud was born in Paris, of Martiniquais origin, and lives and works in Paris. She is a researcher in the contemporary arts, author, and curator and works on themes such as History, geography, memory, the effects of remembrance, creolization, and transcultural identities. She is interested in the historical factors that determine the ties between Western and non-Western cultures. Her research also pertains to the esthetics and shared signs between non-Western cultures: the dialog between Caribbean, African and Asian cultures.
Sylvie Arnaud builds performances based on written portraits, figures – silhouettes drawn from urban styles and cultures that take on all their meaning as fragment; in other words, an attempt at deciphering dress codes, an analytical study of the interior/exterior gaze where the question of the gaze and projection is always made central.
In her approach to transcultural identities and the circulation of style and fashion, she is pursuing reflection on esthetics, the resonances between Afro-Caribbean, Asian, Western, and international fashion cultures, and what is being revisited or worked out in the heritage and collective unconscious of actors in the fashion industry: deciphering complex identities that are sometimes full of complexes. Individual migratory clothing trajectories based on scattered assemblages are also gages of a savoir-faire and resistance to a preformatted Eurocentric world.

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Selected Artistic Projects:
Punch Touné feuill’là : 2011, Oberwelt Gallery with Astrid S. Klein, work in progress – Artistic exploration and performative lecture on the history of tropical plants and their travels in relation to global migrations and transcultural identities.
Punch Touné feuill’là : 2014, Datscharadio, Gabi Schaffner, Giessen, performative lecture with Astrid S. Klein: Vegetation/Plantations/ Antilles /Colonialism/Europe/Sugarcane/Rum
Corine – Les histoires communes [Common Histories]: 2007, project and catalog, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Works in progress: Exhibition Projects
The Traps of Memory: Berlin / Caribbean – collective memory and historical places influencing and inciting the production of art.
Arnwalden, the Power of Memory: intercultural links between Berlin / Caribbean
Dispersion: art from the Francophone Caribbean diaspora Guadeloupe / Martinique